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cinaPagi ini saya menerima sebuah email dari salah satu karyawan perusahaan kami yang mengundurkan diri guna kembali ke negara asalnya di philiphina. Sebenarnya email-email dengan subjek untuk berpamitan atau bernada yang sama sering kami terima  apabila ada karyawan yang mengundurkan diri, isinya berkisar antara ucapan terima kasih, permohonan maaf, permohonan do’a-restu, dll. Serta tak lupa juga menyertakan mininal no telepon atau alamat email yang dapat di hubungi untuk memperpanjang tali silaturahim diantara kita. Uniknya karyawan expat (expatriate) ini mengirimkan semacam tips dan motifasi untuk emainya yang terakhir kali menggunakan alamat email berdomain perusahaan kami, dan tips tersebut memiliki makna yang menurut saya dapat mendongkrak semangat dalam beraktifitas…

Oh… kalau di indonesia untuk mendokrak semangat agar tidak loyo biasanya menggunakan produk JAMU, ternyata di luar sana cukup dengan produk untaiaan kata-kata dapat mendokrak semangat dan dapat juga mendongkrak daya tahan “TANDA KUTIP” kita he..he..

Berikut tips-nya…..

There is benefit in everything, even in loss. Things are not always what they seem. So whenever a stressful or sorrowful situation comes in front of you, recognize that it is a teacher who has come to make you stronger. In every situation there is always something to learn. And there will always be someone to help.

What we receive is the result of what we have given. If we give goodness, only goodness can come back to us. If we give sorrow, can we expect any better return? A mango seed can only give birth to a mango tree.

Sing your goodness every day. Bring your specialities clearly in front of you. They are God’s blessings to you and in order for you to use them, you must first recognize them. It’s ok to see your weakness, but in order to move forward, see your own goodness with a grateful heart. There is so much strength in doing this.

We cannot go back to the past to change the present, but we can start with the present to change our ending.  Change is never dependent on others changing first. It is dependent on “me”. Thoughts like “this should happen, this should not happen” will not bring about change, because it means we are dependent on someone else. Today is the only chance we have. And if we do, we can be assured of a better tomorrow.

We know the answers, we just need the power to do it. Silence, introspection, contemplation help us search for answers to any problem, from within. So, the more we have it, the easier for answers to come. Often, we know what to do anyway. We just need  the will to do it. God is there to give unlimited strength, all we need to do is draw that power with honesty and cleanliness in our heart.

It’s now or never. Delaying the act of goodness postpones goodness forever. So if we want to express appreciation, tell someone we love them, express sympathy or apology, we need to do it now. For we might never have the chance again. The role of time is to move forward, not to guarantee.

To receive blessings, give blessings. It is so much easier to think positively towards someone we like. But for someone we don’t like? The secret, it seems, is to keep seeing that one’s goodness. Everyone has at least one speciality. Even when we feel that this is the worst person in the world, for sure there is still one goodness in that one. The more we focus on this, the easier to maintain pure feelings. And for this we receive multimillion blessings.

The truth will always be revealed. No makeup, clothing, accessories, can hide what is inside us. The truth will always be revealed by our words and actions.

We become better through time. It is normal to make conclusions by what we see –  appearance, name, ability, fortune. But the truly wise will hold no judgment because he knows that everyone is on a journey. What we see is the road, not the destination. And on this road everyone has all the chances to become better.

And finally, whoever you are, whatever you are, never forget that God l oves you.

Semoga bermanfaat